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Extradition is the formal legal process by which one country asks another country for the return of an individual to face a criminal trial in the requesting state. Extradition can also be requested for an individual who is wanted abroad following conviction in the requesting state.

Being the target of an extradition request is a very stressful and harrowing experience for both the subject and their family. Due to the speed at which the process can happen it is crucial that you obtain expert representation as quickly as possible. Knowing what your rights are and understanding your options is essential. Our specialised extradition team is on call 24/7 and has the knowledge and experience required to help you.

Even if you only suspect that an extradition request is on its way, it pays to be prepared. Taking preemptive action may also enable us to avoid an unexpected arrest and put in place procedures to maximise your chances of bail.

Extradition has become increasingly streamlined since the introduction of the Extradition Act 2003 and the process can move extremely quickly, particularly in cases concerning European Arrest Warrant under Part 1 of the Act. Extradition is a complex area of law and it is crucial that anyone who is the target of an extradition request seeks advice as soon as possible.

We can advise you in relation to all possible defences to an extradition request. In particular, we have unparalleled experience in handling complex cases involving politically motivated charges. We have substantial experience in dealing with requests from the Russian Federation and other former Soviet States, and we have also been involved in high profile cases involving the USA and EU countries. We maintain an impressive network of lawyers abroad who are able to assist in representing our clients and are equally experienced in managing large multi-jurisdictional teams.

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