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Corporate Lawyers in Russia

Corporate Lawyers in Russia

Whether launching a start-up or running an established business, complex regulations and intricate legal structures in place mean that as a businessperson you need to learn to navigate those waters carefully or risk losing your business, assets, and revue. Whether you are a newly starting business or a well-established one that seems to run itself, there will be times when you need specialist cost effective legal support and advice.

A well thought out and implemented business structure, a sharp and forward-thinking agreement or solid knowledge of relevant regulations can save your business considerable amounts of money and help increase your earnings. Business and law walk hand in hand these days. Big business knows it and has used it for decades. In a world of constant challenge, yet also new rising opportunities for small and medium sized businesses, it is important to understand the vital need of solid legal advice.

At Extradition Law Firm our core philosophy is that every business irrespective of it size deserves top level legal advice. We endeavor to achieve this by offering highly specialized legal advice at affordable prices.

We pride ourselves on offering well balanced and practical solutions to our clients. Our corporate lawyers are experienced specialists who are not only well versed in understanding legal problems, but also have strong representation of business in general, being able to competently guide you at every step of your business success.

At Extradition Law Firm we have a comprehensive range of services for our business and commercial clients that include companies, partnerships, and sole traders. We get to know and understand your business objectives from day one. This allows us to offer specialize advice at all the stages of the business – from the start-ups, to running an established business or liquidating one. We advise on contracts and negotiations, as well as wide ranging corporate disputes.

We truly understand what your business means to you and how important it is to have a legal advice that addresses specifically your situation. We understand your need of knowing you get the value of your money, and we offer you a specialist and expert advice in a range of commercial and corporate issues. Our corporate team has law on their mind and your business in their heart, offering you legal advice that speaks to you and your business.

At Extradition Law Firm we understand not only the importance of reliable legal advice, but also that the cost of such advice should not be a burden on your business. That is why we endeavor to offer absolute transparency on costs, and we offer fixed fees where it is possible.

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